Courses designed to increase proficiency with your Tapestry Online Learning Journal account.

In this course we'll cover everything there is to know about Tapestry's Care Diary feature. We'll look at how to set it up, and the different features and entry types. We'll go into detail about Accidents, and also cover relatives' use of the Care Diary.

In this course we'll cover everything you'll need to know when it comes to setting up relatives on your Tapestry account. This includes the different ways to add and activate relatives, linking them with their children and setting permissions, and what to do if you encounter any problems when adding the relatives. 

This course is aimed at staff members using Tapestry, although some sections will only be applicable to managers. The course is primarily focused on how to add and edit observations, including how to add assessments and flags, link children to your observations, link your observations to other posts and publish your observations for relatives to view. We will also look at how to delete observations, filter your pages to find specific observations, export your observations as PDFs and set your User Permissions for staff members and relatives.

This course will cover how the new EYFS works on Tapestry including the "flags" and monitoring screens. 

This course will cover everything you may need to do on your account when you reach the end of an academic year, including downloading data for children, deleting and adding new children and organising your account.