Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy includes information around the cookies used on the Tapestry CPD site.

Last updated: January 2022



Our Cookies

We may use two cookies to provide you with the CPD service. 

·       ‘MOODLEID’. This cookie remembers your username, to make it easier for you to log in on future occasions. This cookie is optional and you may refuse it without materially affecting your access to the service.

·       ‘MoodleSession’. This is our ‘session cookie’, which enables our server to identify that you have successfully logged in, and to keep you logged in as you navigate through the site.  Cookies are stored in your browser.  If your browser refuses the MoodleSession cookie, it may not be possible for us to provide you with the CPD service. 


Third party cookies and analysis

Third parties such as Canva, Google (for YouTube) and Siren Films (and their video streaming providers) may, in the course of providing access to their services, store cookies and other temporary information in your browser. 

They may also carry out analysis of your interactions with their services. Please check their respective policies for details of these. If your browser refuses these cookies, this may impact on your ability to access these course elements.


Disabling cookies

If you no longer want cookies to be enabled on your device, you can block them from within your browser.  However, the MoodleSession cookie is strictly necessary in order for us to provide the service.  You may not be able to use the Tapestry CPD site if you refuse this cookie.